What’s the best clash royale deck in 2021

What’s the best Clash Royale Deck in game, let’s see how they are reflected in specific decks. While each player can and should tailor their strategies to decks and cards that are most comfortable for them, here are some of the combinations professional players prefer when it comes to bringing to the game.

From the fast cycle of ice-spirited and trunk-spirited mountain rangers (predict), to the beatdown of golem and night witch to the already abandoned bride spam of battering ram and bandit or the ever-in-force princess log-bait, hell tower, goblin barrel of elves and gang. Let’s hope you try them and be of use to you and, because you don’t, send us your accommodations.

The Best Clash Royale Decks 2021

Door mount cycle

Extremely economical deck very difficult to defend by cycling so fast of cable mounts. This particular Clash Royale deck usually attacks with mountain guns more ice spirit and can often be accompanied by trunk or fireball to allow our door mount to hit as many times as possible.

Door Mount Cycle in Best Clash Royale Deck

To defend we have different solutions; the skeletons to distract, the ice golem to take damage, the cannon as a structure and finally the musketeer to damage and kill air troops.

Triple musketeer with battering ram and miner

Best Clash Royale Deck with a high cost of elixir and complicated to play as it is easy to stop with area damage units. This deck has two ways to attack. The first is with a tank miner and fast troops arriving by the bridge or with the musketeer behind them and spamming when they reach the bridge.

Triple Musketeer With Battering Ram in Best Clash Royale Deck

The idea is to use the collector whenever we can and force the opponent to spend the big spell on it. Then we can split triple musketeer free to be hit for nothing. It’s a deck that usually attacks both lines at once.

Golem, Night Witch & Mega Minion

One of the most watched decks in the last season as it was uncovered as the most brutal and bloodthirsty beatdown in the game. This Clash Royale deck is played with elixir collector, because while it is not essential it will give us an extra elixir very useful.

As a good Beatdown it is based on deploying the Golem behind our king’s tower and accompanying it, in this case, with two high-damage cards: the mega-minion and the Night Witch.

Golem, Night Witch and Mega Minion in Best Clash Royale Deck

To finish off the combo, and it depends on the opponent’s response, you can play the Lightning (heavier troops and structures) or the Dragon (small troops to damage by splash).

In defense we will have to be very strategic since only the trunk and skeletons of 1 are designed for that purpose, although the rest of the cards can be very useful in that regard.

Log bait with hell

One of the most fun Clash Royale decks to play in the game and preferred by many professionals like Surgical Goblin. This, as a good log-bait, consists of playing different low-cost cards that force the opponent to go ass-squandering spells on false baits that, on the other hand if not defended, can do good damage to the opponent.

Log Bait With Hell in Best Clash Royale Deck

The gobbling gang and princess will be played on the bridge, separately, as pressure. This will force the opponent to make a defense that will be counterattacked in our case by the goblin barrel, cornering the opponent non-stop in continuous defenses.

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It is important that the barrel is at an acceptable level, other words, the effectiveness of the baits will be easily countered. On the other hand, these low-cost troops will allow us to defend versatilely.

In addition, the knight, trunk, and ice spirit will bring consistency to these defenses and attacks. Finally, the Hell Tower will take care of the large tanks and the rocket will allow you to finish the game once you have damaged the tower enough.

Lightning Mountain Clash Royale Deck

Variant of the fast cycle of bolts that incorporates lightning, a card that will help you end up in your direct attacks with any structure, witch or magician that gets you in the way. The mini Pekka will be your indicated defensive card to take down any troop along with the musketeer.

Lightning Mountain Clash Royale Deck in Best Clash Royale Deck

The role of the princess is very important because if you manage to survive, it can help you both defend yourself from hordes and take down many troops disturbed in your mountain range attacks. Otherwise, the spirits of fire will complement your attack.

Peka’s Clash Royale Deck with Megaknight

It’s one of the last powerful decks to come out. The duality of two tanks such as the Pekka and mega knight makes them very difficult to defend, both by the same line and by putting one for each.

Peka Clash Royale Deck With Megaknight

The good thing about these cards is that they can mainly defend you to form an unstoppable counterattack. The infernal dragon has a second-line role trying to reach the tower when the opponent is focused on s stopping the tanks.

To protect the attack of the two troops we have spells such as arrows, zap and lightning. An important point of the Clash Royale Deck is knowing how to use the deployment damage of the Electric Wizard and the Mega Knight.

Poison Miner with Oven

Variant of the most famous miner control so far. Its use is not simple, although a priori the logic is clear: damage the tower to poisons+miners. The rest of the cards? Defense and control of the situation.

Poison Miner With Oven in Best Clash Royale Deck

The idea is to get defended by quickly cycling the two offensive cards. The furnace will give us stability on both sides of the field, diverting large troops and supporting the miner in the offensive field.

The musketeer cleans our airs next to the mega-minion, designed to stop rapid attacks such as battering ram or riding. The rest, it’s history, being patient and keeping the cycle.

Giant and bandit’s Clash Royale deck

The Giant is the center of this deck so it’s a card with which you have to exercise extreme caution with the decisions you make so you don’t make mistakes and lose the battle.

It is a best Clash Royale deck that usually does very well to the counterattack, since you can defend with troops that once survive will be tanked by the giant.

Giant And Bandit Clash Royale Deck

Take advantage of the bandit’s charge and travel speed to get wizards and witches and the electric wizard out of the way to take down the low-health troops they can put you in to defend as well as reset those damn hell towers and hellish dragons trying to take down your giant.

Finally the lightning will help to wipe out all the structures and make your attack more direct.

Bolero and cemetery

It’s kind of expensive, so you also have to manage the elixir well. It is a best decks in Clash Royale in which mainly the knight goes as a tank and is accompanied by a cemetery, card to use when the opponent is busy with our tank.

Bolero And Cemetery in Best Clash Royale Deck

Although its perfect combination is really like a counter, when we survive a defense and the bolero joins the attack by performing the deadliest combo with the cemetery. It also carries 3 spells, which makes it a very technical deck, including one to clean up like arrows.

Finally the wow factor would be freezing, that if you know how to use it at the right time and freeze everything by throwing away the cemetery can make you throw the tower in one stroke.

Lavaloon with tombstone and mega-minion

The operation of this Clash Royale deck is as follows. First we launch the Lava Hound, which will focus the opponent’s attention for a while, like a good tank. Before the cubs kill him and come out, we launch the Globe, which shouldn’t have much opposition as the defenses are with the hound.

And if all has worked out for us, by the time the balloon arrives, the hound should die, free the cubs and unleash chaos in the enemy towers.

Lavaloon With Tombstone And Mega-Minion in Best Clash Royale Deck

Although you’ll have another 6 cards in the Clash Royale deck, and you have to learn how to use them all right to get the most out of the combo.

The tombstone is the defensive distraction card as it is often very annoying when you are forming your attack. Lightning or arrows finally kill any opponent who tries to stop your attack.

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